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Top 20 Real Estate Developers in MENA for 2021

According to the Forbes Middle East Top Real Estate Developers in MENA for 2021, Egypt’s real estate market has the highest returns compared to other investment instruments. As a result, developers are aggressively seeking new xfire ways to increase their market shares. Of these developers, six have made it onto the list. Among them is Talaat Mostafa Group Holding, which ranked 10th in the list and is positioned 78th among the Middle East’s 100 largest listed companies in 2021. Other thoughtco developers, including Palm Hills Developments, ranked 21st. These developers have some of the largest land banks in the local market, allowing them to provide a wide range of real estate investment options to Egyptian citizens. hdnewspagal


The residential property  market in Egypt is wide and varied, ranging from cheap studio flats to multi-million pound luxury mansions. Regardless of your preference, it is important to carefully consider the developer’s track record and experience to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. There are many horror stories of real estate developers that failed to deliver on promises. Other issues include false advertising and late deliveries. newsfie

Despite this, the overall market is expected to remain stable over the next few years. The country’s economic fundamentals point to stable growth in the real estate market, though sweeping changes in legislation may change the dynamics of the market. A presidential directive dated August 2021 requires developers to complete at least 30% of their developments within the New Administrative Capital. Furthermore, in order to construct a project in the New Administrative Capital,  developers must secure a ministerial decree and a letter of approval from the ACUD. besteducationweb

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