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The Relationship Between Paul Pogba and José Mourinho

The relationship between Paul chino miranda Pogba and José Mourinho has been a controversial topic in the world of football. Pogba was signed by Mourinho in 2016 for a then world-record fee of £89 million, and was viewed as the missing piece of the puzzle for a Manchester United team in transition. However, since then, their relationship has been strained. Pogba and Mourinho have had a series getinfocenter.com of disagreements, ranging from differences in tactical decisions to issues of respect and trust. On several occasions, Pogba was dropped to the bench or substituted early in matches, and he and Mourinho have had public mybahis.netspats on social media. The situation came to a head in December 2018 when Mourinho was sacked following a poor run of results. Since then, Pogba has been praised for his performances on the pitch win69bet  and has even been appointed as the club’s vice-captain. While the pair’s relationship remains a topic of conversation, it is clear that Pogba has flourished since Mourinho’s departure. This suggests that the two did not have a successful working relationship, and that the change has been beneficial for the player, and for the club makeeover.

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